Why use an exclusive seller's agent?

JudeI am a listing agent because I love marketing property. Specializing in pricing and working only with Sellers allows me to focus on what I am good at and enjoy. Recognizing and understanding their motivation to sell as well as the goals they have set for the future is important to build the best strategy to close as fast as possible for the most money. This is why the first meeting I have with a potential client focuses on where they want to be and how long they are willing to spend getting there, and what, if anything, would prevent it. I need to know if they are prepared to leave their first home where their child took his or her first step or any other emotional roadblock we may encounter. Sellers sometimes have a hard time getting past nostalgia and emotions. They want change but are unaware they are feeling a sense of loss and how it may impact their decisions in setting price.

The only sound pricing strategy is based on market statistics and trends. A buyer does not care if you put $50,000 into improvements, what you owe on your mortgage and especially not what you want to net from this venture. Hard to hear and even harder to really believe this. Decide what is most important to you, time or money? Pricing too high can mean time waiting for the market to catch up. Pricing high to “feel” the market out never works. It is also a fact that property on the market for long periods of time and those with multiple reductions in price ultimately get 80% of asking price.

Remember that buyers decide the price a property will sell for. Anyone can ask as much as they want for a property but without an offer it will never get that price. Advances in technology have drastically changed the real estate industry. Information that used to be privileged to agents can now be accessed by buyers. They know how long a property has been listed and they know much more about the seller than ever before. They use this to get the best price they can. Buyers prefer upscale on trend finishes and turn key homes. Selling has never been more competitive. There is too much supply and not enough demand.

In order to set a realistic price I will help you compare traits of homes on the market that have recently closed. We will look at the condition and features of the competition and decide on any improvements that could give you the edge, if they are cost effective. Understanding the absorption rate for various ranges and why it is important is also helpful in making a decision on asking price. You should also know how many properties are pending and how many closed in the last year and the popular price point.

Four things sell property; condition, location, price and exposure. Considering each of these before marketing will allow you to get the most money in the shortest amount of time.

As a Strategic Pricing Specialist I have the knowledge to help you be prepared to meet the challenges presented in today economy. Understanding that pricing is a strategy not the focus and willingness to prepare the property before marketing are essential in a “buyers” market and will help you get where you are going. After all, isn't where you want to be the reason you decided to sell? The bigger picture should never be ignored.