Why use a Buyer's Agent?

BrianI work exclusively as a buyer's agent and have earned the National Association of Realtor's Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) designation.

Many buyers start working with a Real Estate agent without fully understanding the difference between a client and a customer. These two terms are not interchangeable and have very specific meanings when it comes to real estate transactions. Please watch this video for a short explanation of both.
The North Carolina Real Estate Commission requires that we explain agency at the first substantial contact. As an Accredited Buyer’s Representative, I will spend time with you explaining why engaging me as a buyer’s representative is in your best interest as you progress from search, to offer and contract, and on to closing.

Buyer's Resources

Keeping up to date on issues affecting our coastal counties is important so that I can help buyers understand the impact of a fragile estuarine area on their properties. Most recently I have attended courses on "Low Impact Development in Coastal Areas" and "Estuarine Shoreline: Value, Regulations and Stabilization". Our shorelines and coastal resources are unique assets that I believe should be treated with care and respect.

I also maintain a Buyer's Handbook which is available as a CD ROM and has all the forms and information you need to know about purchasing property in North Carolina. This is available to buyer clients only.